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’30XX’ – Fast, Precise, Compelling, Cooperative ‘Mega Man X’ Action

30XX is everything you have ever loved about the Mega Man X/Zero series, but tweaked in ways that give it more depth. Also, CO-OP.

I raved about this game when I got to play it at PAX East 2020, and I am going to continue raving about it. Building upon the already excellent 20XX, it will have you wall-hopping, saber slinging, and blaster-shooting your way through a variety of stages a thousand years in the future. You’ve also got two different ways to tackle the game that feel quite different, with Ace offering quick combos with their saber and Nina having a handy blaster. I’m hard pressed to play anyone other than Nina, who can combine various abilities to make a truly wild beam weapon.

The game gives you a fresh suite of stages, powers, and items every time you play, bringing that same variety you saw in the previous game. With it comes an added sense of weight that makes the simplest act satisfying. Jumping and dashing through stages feels good all on its own, but doing so while swinging a laser sword the whole time just makes it even better. It’s kind of hard to understate how much I have enjoyed this game.

30XX is still getting warmed up with this Early Access release, but I feel that all I really need to say is “Co-op Mega Man X” and the people who’ll love this game will instantly get why I can’t get this one out of my head.

30XX will be made available today on Steam Early Access.


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