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Bowser’s Fury guide: Mount Magmeow Cat Shine Shard locations

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Mount Magmeow is in the third batch of unlocked islands in Bowser’s Fury, and it’s filled with pipes that shoot you around the island, as well as hidden Cat Shine Shards.

On Mount Magmeow, the Super Bell will come in handy to help you climb and scale the walls. You can also use a Super Leaf to turn into Tanooki Mario if you’re having a hard time jumping with the right timing.

Mount Magmeow Cat Shine Shard 1 of 5

The first Cat Shine Shard is a bit hidden. When climbing the mountain, you will need to dodge several rotating fire beams. After you dodge the second one and before you jump on the next arrow platform, rotate your camera around to show what’s behind the rock you’re standing on. You will see another arrow platform. Jump on it and ride it around to the front to get the Cat Shine Shard.

Mount Magmeow Cat Shine Shard 2 of 5

The second Cat Shine Shard is hanging out by a Hammer Bro on a ledge. Beat him up, hop on the ledge, and claim your shard.

Mount Magmeow Cat Shine Shard 3 of 5

The third Cat Shine Shard is floating above lava between two walls. Use a Super Bell to turn into Cat Mario, so you can scale the wall safely without falling into the lava.

Mount Magmeow Cat Shine Shard 4 of 5

For the fourth Cat Shine Shard, use the green arrow platform you jump on after the third shard. Keep riding it straight, and duck when it looks like the wall will push you off. You’ll duck under the wall, and you can use Cat Mario to jump up the walls easily, grabbing the shard hidden behind.

Mount Magmeow Cat Shine Shard 5 of 5

The final Cat Shine Shard is hidden behind a set of Pow Blocks in the wall. Smash them and get your shard.

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