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Bowser’s Fury guide: Rolling Roller Isle Cat Shine Shard locations

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Rolling Roller Isle is in the third batch of unlocked islands in Bowser’s Fury, and it’s by far the more dangerous one, filled with rotating platforms, lava, and of course, Cat Shine Shards.

On Rolling Roller Isle, the best power-ups are those that help you avoid the lava. The Super Leaf lets you slow down your descent, so if you fall, you can aim to the water. The Super Bell lets you climb up the structures easier. Having both on hand is a pretty good idea.

Rolling Roller Isle Cat Shine Shard 1 of 5

The first Cat Shine Shard is between the two blue rotating platforms. It’s sitting above the lava, above an invisible platform. Float down to grab it, and use the hook-like part of the platform to get back up. (Or just fall into the lava to die. You won’t lose your shard.)

Rolling Roller Isle Cat Shine Shard 2 of 5

The second Cat Shine Shard is at the end of the blue rotating platform, behind a Piranha Plant. You’ll just have to jump carefully to it to grab it.

Rolling Roller Isle Cat Shine Shard 3 of 5

The third Cat Shine Shard is past the blue rotating platforms, on top of a stack of Goomba.

Rolling Roller Isle Cat Shine Shard 4 of 5

The fourth Cat Shine Shard is behind a gray brick wall on the blue rotating platform past the Goomba stack. You’ll need to pick up a nearby Bomb-omb and chuck it at the wall to reveal the shard.

Rolling Roller Isle Cat Shine Shard 5 of 5

The last Cat Shine Shard is floating above a green rotating platform. You’ll can approach the platform from the right side to get on top of it, or you can approach it from the left side to fall down after grabbing it.

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