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Car Mechanic Simulator Is Headed To VR In Q2 of 2021

Car enthusiasts will be excited to know that this VR title brings the mechanic shop into their own home. In Car Mechanic Simulator, VR players will have to use tools, techniques, and parts found in a real car mechanic shop. This title will be arriving on PC for VR systems in the second quarter of 2021.

This title places the player in an overhauled experience based on the 2018 Car Mechanic Simulator. From using expensive tools to restoring and repairing old cars, players will get experience the world and labor of being a mechanic from the safety and comfort of their own homes.

This is the natural progression for a simulation title. With the VR system, players can further immerse themselves in an exciting occupation. Build, repair, paint, tune, and drive cars in a classic explore. The more you are dedicated to this game, the more the game grows and expands, allowing for new tools, garage space, and more.

Enter into a world filled with unique and classic cars. Using the Barn Find and Junkyard module, players can expand their services as a repair mechanic and bring these cares back to life.

One thing that makes these simulation games so astounding is their attention to detail. The game features 42 cars, over 10 tools, and over 1000 unique parts that can be swapped out of installed. This may be a game, but the world players are doing is a full-time job.

The game also includes car auctions where players can resale older cars. The game will generate mission infinitely with the goal of keeping the player busy while they slowly work to get the car of their dreams within a future purchase of endeavor.

This game strives for realism, so players will need to be repaired to dismantle complicated engines with the goal of fixing minor parts. While the title is not released yet, the game is expected to be sold for $30 across all VR platforms.

This title is great for audiences of all ages. While it is better suited to adults, this is as clean as a game can get as long as fans don’t count motor oil. Simply strap into the VR world and begin working on plenty of complicated cars throughout the game.

Car Mechanic Simulator VR has a Steam page live for interested fans to explore. Anyone interested in the work that a mechanic does can peek into this unique title and get all the answers they will ever need.


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