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Lab Rat Is A Satirical Indie Puzzle Title That Is Coming To Steam

A new title is coming from developer Chump Squad as Lab Rat is unveiled through a free demo in the Steam Game Festival. This unique title is a hand-crafted narrative puzzler that challenges players to difficult challenges. The game pretends to be a machine-generated title, but it evolves as you complete each test slowly gaining an understanding of humanity through your performance.

The game is a top-down puzzle experience that reminds many players of the Portal franchise. The machine testing environment, human subjects, and overall tone of the title point many players towards a familiar atmosphere as the game takes a satirical tone to puzzle-solving and AI intelligence. While this title is rather simple in concept, its story can evolve in unexpected ways through simple dialogue and a small bit of humor.

In Lab Rat, players must take on a metrics-obsessed AI that monitors player progress through hundreds of puzzles. Watch as it slowly builds a profile, entertains, and continues to observe the evolution of the player through each environment.

This title will have players maneuvering objects, diverting lasers, and manipulating electricity in an effort to solve puzzles. While each test grows increasingly difficult, the machine heckles the player for being human throughout the entire experience.

Players must outwit the machine and attempt to break out of the puzzle environment. While each mission is completed, players can view in-game analytics that evolve the AI with the player based on their reactions to the tests.

This is a hand-crafted narrative puzzler that follows a satirical adventure in human testing. The AI monitors players and builds a completely misguided understanding of humanity based solely upon your response data and puzzle performance.

The game’s goal is to poke fun at the absurdity of algorithmically generated interactions. While the game might appear to be a machine-influenced encounter, the game is actually made by a team of humans who have worked on several other titles.

The game is simplistic in nature, but as players dive deeper into its strange lore they will come to understand the machine.

As for players, the game is best for all ages. Players must enjoy puzzles to encounter this title, but other than that the content is family-friendly and safe for all those involved.

Lab Rat is set to release sometime in the near future, but no set date has been revealed as of yet. Till then, players can explore the Steam Page and developer site for information.


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