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Next Week on Xbox: February 17 to 19 – Xbox Wire


Welcome to Next Week on Xbox! Here we cover all the new games coming soon to Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Windows 10 PC as well as upcoming Xbox Game Pass and soon-to-be released ID@Xbox titles! Get more details on the games below and click their profiles for pre-order details when available (release dates are subject to change). Jump in!

Kick it, Bunny! – February 17

Many stone figures were erected by ancient bunnies among the oases, but a disaster struck, and all the figures were destroyed. Your task, as a true bunny, is not only to find traces of the old bunny civilization, but also to restore their wonderful buildings by kicking blocks.

Void Gore – February 17

From the creators of Project Starship comes a new and nightmarish arcade shoot’em up experience. Void Gore casts you as an ace pilot descending through the levels of hell and getting rich in the process. Earn coins as you take down supernatural horrors in pulse-pounding vertical scrolling style, then spend them on upgrades to keep yourself alive and prove your skills against online leaderboards!

Anodyne 2: Return to Dust – February 18

Travel the world, meet strange people, and save the world from the dangerous Nano Dust in this follow-up to the classic Anodyne as you run, jump, and drive across vast, dreamy 3D landscapes.

Boom Blaster – February 19

Meet all kinds of classic monsters and deadly enemies — from small acid insects to huge one-eyed bosses with guns and bad temper. Boom Blaster is an outstanding, brain-blasting, groundshaking, oldschool mega Run ‘n Gun game! Each character has a unique set of skills and abilities. Use them with a vast selection of weapons such as machine guns, grenades, lasers, flamethrowers, rockets and much more!

Effie – February 19

Delve into a 3D action-adventure game that combines combat, platforming, and puzzles, with the exploration of an expanded world. Live a unique fantasy adventure, free the cities from a powerful and dark evil, and relive the look and feel of old-school video-games!

Gravity Heroes – February 19

Gravity Heroes is a fast paced, chaotically beautiful 2D platform shooter. Take control of your character’s gravitational pull with the gravity shifter mechanic and fight hordes of robotic enemies on the ground, walls, or ceiling. Fueled by 80s and 90s nostalgia with an electrifying soundtrack and stylistically popping pixel art style, Gravity Heroes offers action-packed fun playing either by yourself or joined by up to three others locally. Play the Gravity Heroes demo today.

Puss! – February 19

Play as a cat that’s trapped in another dimension where you must discover the way out – or be trapped there forever in this absurd and intense “avoid ‘em up” game about a cat. Free your future partners and they’ll help you fight evil, then compare the results of your run with the results of other players on the leaderboard.

Rodent Warriors – February 19

Rodent Warriors is an epic 2D rogue-like RPG… about rodents with a progression mechanic based on reincarnation — every time a hero is defeated, subsequent heroes will be given power bonuses. And by overcoming challenges, all future heroes will have an even greater potential to be more powerful.

Speed Limit – February 19

Speed Limit is a non-stop, genre-warping arcade experience that never slows down. No cuts, no lapses in the chaos, Speed Limit is an old-school action extravaganza.


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