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Over The Top Hitman 3 Mendoza guide and walkthrough

“Eyes On Top” is a Mission Story in Hitman 3’s “The Farewell” Mission. In Medoza, Argentina, Agent 47 must pose as a worker in the vineyard to sabotage some equipment and ruin Don Yates’s day.

Along the way, we’ll help you earn the Hello, Cowboy and Grape Picker Challenges.

In this Hitman 3 guide, we’ll walk you through every step you’ll need to take. Below, we’ve got maps showing where to start, important items to find, where every clue is, and every location you’ll need to visit.

Sabotaging the pump is sure to draw Yates’s attention.

The large fermentation tanks are accident prone. Apparently, if the central pump malfunctions, the tanks will overflow.

Hitman 3 Over The Top guide

  • Mission Story Reveal
  • Follow the senior worker
  • Expose the electrical wire
  • Sabotage the wine pump

Mission Story Reveal

To start this Mission Story, you’ll need to get to the Fermentation Atrium on Level 2. We’ll do a couple steps out of order first to make the rest of the Mission Story a little easier.

From the Parking Lot, head north-northeast and look for the “dangerous cliff path” sign.

Drop off the ledges twice, and you’ll land behind a gaucho. Subdue him, stash him in the flowers, and put on the gaucho disguise. Leave the shotgun behind — it’ll only cause problems later. Continue across the grape fields toward the main building.

At the corner of the building — just north of the Malbec Field on the map — look for a vent you can hack with your camera. Open it, and climb inside (you’re safe in your gaucho disguise).

Drop to the floor and head right (north) across the (open) overhead door. Use your Instinct to watch for a screwdriver stuck in a barrel along your right. Grab it as you pass.

A little farther north, there’s a counter on your right. Grab the fuse cell and the Winery Workers’ Key from it, and put the fuse cell in the fuse box a few steps farther north. Don’t do anything with it yet — it’ll let us eliminate Don Yates at the end of the Mission Story.

Take a left, and head to the back (west) wall of the Production Room. Look for an enforcer winery worker standing next to an open vat of grapes. Get behind him, subdue him, put on the winery worker disguise, and dump his body into the grapes.

Continue north to the Fermentation Room and take the stairs up to the Fermentation Atrium. Look for a couple of overconfident workers talking to pick up the “Over The Top” Mission Story. While eavesdropping, head over to the toolbox just west of them to find a wrench.

Follow the senior worker

Follow the senior worker down to the Fermentation Room floor where he’ll scold a worker. (There are two more objectives here — disguise yourself as a worker and find a screwdriver — that we’ve already taken care of.

Stay out of sight behind the barrels to the left while they talk.

Expose the electrical wire

You need to get the grumpy enforcer worker out of the way to sabotage the plug. Grab the soda can from the ground behind the barrels, and toss it into the huge crusher to the west. (You can go turn it on with him inside if you’re feeling particularly bloodthirsty.)

Expose the wire on the plug while he’s investigating.

Sabotage the wine pump

There’s another soda can over by the huge vat to the east of the plug. Pick it up and repeat the distraction (we didn’t kill him because the guy has a baby at home and we’re not total monsters).

Head over and break the wine pump to complete the “Over The Top” Mission Story.

Since we’re here to kill someone, though …

After a minute, Don Yates will come running in to survey the damage and generally be mean to everyone. While he’s yelling, head south to the fuse box. When he’s done yelling, he’ll send the workers away.

Wait until he’s the only one standing in the spilled wine, and turn on the high voltage power outlet to fry him.

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