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Popular DJ Zedd Might be Collaborating With Dr. Disrespect for Duo Valorant Stream

Zedd Valorant

Most of you may know Anton ‘Zedd’ Zaslavski as a DJ, but the 31-year-old is also quite skilled in Riot’s competitive shooter Valorant. The renowned dance artist managed to hit the prestigious rank of Immortal in Valorant while live streaming his journey on his Twitch channel. Zedd shared the good news on Twitter shortly afterward.

For the unaware, the Immortal rank lies just under the rank of Radiant, which is the highest rank achievable in the title.

PORTAL TO IMMORTAL@PlayVALORANT pic.twitter.com/5hJQWkvmQa

— Zedd (@Zedd) January 8, 2021

To the delight of Zedd fans worldwide, it seems like we’ll be able to see a collaboration between the DJ and popular video game streamer Dr. Disrespect in the near future.

In a recent Tweet by the Doc where he claims that Valorant has got him hooked, Zedd replied, “Doc, it’s time for us to duo!”

Doc, it’s time for us to duo!

— Zedd (@Zedd) February 12, 2021

While Dr. Disrespect hasn’t responded to Zedd’s proposal as of yet, fans are getting excited at the possibility of a collab stream between the two.

Unfortunately, Zedd won’t be able to stream the potential collab game live on his Twitch channel due to the platform’s ToS prohibiting streamers from playing with other banned streamers during live streams. However, the Doc is still free to stream the game on his YouTube channel without getting into any trouble whatsoever.


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