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Riot Korea Plans to Combat Griefing and Gambling Issues In-Game

Riot Korea Plans to Combat Griefing and Gambling Issues In-Game

Last week, we talked about what a plague griefing and gambling that Riot Korea is suffering through in League of Legends. People are win trading to make easy money at the highest levels of League of Legends. This morning, Riot Korea reportedly has a plan to combat the game’s issues right now. Illegal gambling sites are making money off pro streamers solo queue matches, and it has to stop. 

Serious Measures for a Serious Region

The first move was pretty serious, right off the bat. On Dec. 8, all accounts suspected of being illegally made overseas were deactivated. Also, Riot Korea established a hotline for the LCK teams to inform them of these griefing and gambling issues as they find them. You can report anyone suspected of win trading for these gambling sites directly to Riot.

How about something a bit more direct, though? Aside from the 10,000 accounts looked at for these issues, more moves are being made. As of today (Dec. 14), a real-time restriction was made on all 3rd party programs. Riot Korea points out that for win trading players to play ranked matches from overseas, they must play with a high ping. 

These players use a VPN to access the Korean server and use other programs to reduce this ping. Riot Korea dropped a check that searches for these programs. Any players detected by this program will have their accounts immediately suspended and locked out. The best part? It will take place within three minutes of the match so that the players are free to remake without penalty.

Since the players in question must use a VPN to access the servers to help enable illegal grief and gambling, Riot Korea may have hit the nail on the head for this one. Riot Korea also points out that it’s not for verbal abuse or behavioral actions as far as the Hotline goes. Those still have to go through normal channels. If pro players see someone doing something shady, something can be done immediately.  

We worry that some inoffensive third-party apps might wind up getting caught in this, but we feel that will not be the case. If some players want to play on the KR server and aren’t doing anything to cheat, they may still get wrapped up in this and suspended. We are glad to see Riot was so quick to look into this as it picked up speed on the internet. It’s a shame that this kind of betting got out of hand. Hopefully, this solution is just what Riot Games Korea needs.


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