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Shutterbugs: Four Indie Games to Play While Waiting for ‘Pokemon Snap’

There are a number of games that take inspiration from Pokemon Snap, and with so many good indie options, you can probably find something to keep you occupied until it releases.

I could not be more excited for the new Pokemon Snap that was announced for the Nintendo Switch! The world has been waiting for a new one for so long, and having one coming out soon is a great feeling!

It’s a game about taking pictures of Pokemon in their natural habitat, documenting how they act in the wild and unlocking new areas. It’s a unique experience that seems to have inspired several indie games. We’ve provided a handful of them here so budding photographers have something to play while they wait for this new release.

Penko Park

Penko Park is a slightly-creepy-looking adventure game that we wrote about last year. This is an old park  full of strange creature, that you can take pictures of using your camera. Much like Pokemon Snap, you are in a cart, not really controlling your movement, and there is an end to each ride. Over time, as you get different pictures of the various creatures showcasing their different emotions, you will unlock new tools to help your ride and find new paths to take in the park! Despite looking scary, the game is actually pretty cute.

Penko Park is available now on Steam.



Bekkus is an adorable adventure game where you get to play as a scientist who is exploring the whole world. While on your travels, a meteor crashed and all sorts of strange creatures started roaming the planet. Since you are a scientist, you want to investigate this strange happening by taking photos of each and every creature you find. Unlike the previous game, you are not limited to a railway, but getting close to some of the creatures can cause them to become scared and disappear. Which doesn’t make for a good picture.

Bekkus is available now (in an Early Access state) on itch.io.



Toripon is another game that has you taking pictures of animals, but this time, the animals are actually real animals that you could find in the real world. You’ll find yourself snapping pictures of birds doing cute things that you’d probably see go viral on the internet yourself. These pictures can then be shared to fake social media, gaining likes and making people happy! The birds live in an inner-city apartment where they do all sorts of silly things. The higher your follower count grows, the more birds you can unlock and take pictures of.

Toripon is available now on itch.io.


Alba: Wildlife Adventure

Alba: Wildlife Adventure is the newest game on this list. It’s a heartwarming adventure game where you play as a young girl who is able to document and learn about all of the creatures on the island where her grandparents live using an app! She can then use these photos to solve puzzles and unlock more areas, slowly bringing nature and meaning to the island that she loves visiting. It’s a wonderful game about stopping capitalism and being a young girl who can do anything. Also, you can take pictures and put them on signs, so it does feel quite a bit like Pokemon Snap.

Alba: Wildlife Adventure is available now on Apple Arcade and Steam.



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