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Top 10 Ergonomic Gaming Chairs for 2021

Sit down, nerds. I mean that literally. I’m going to go over the best gaming chairs on the market so far. While PC, console, and mobile phone specs are essential for running a game, people often overlook the importance of proper back and ass support.

I’ve tested many chairs and come up with 10 that should be on your shopping list for 2021. I won’t mention specific chair sizes and dimensions because those numbers are mostly pointless and I hate pointless things.

Now, then, strap in and off we go.

  • Hbada Gaming Chair with Footrest
  • NOUHAUS Ergo3D
  • Flash Furniture X40
  • OFM ESS Gaming
  • NOUHAUS ErgoFlip
  • RESPAWN 200
  • BestOffice Gaming Chair
  • RESPAWN 900
  • X Rocker Pro H3

    My top pick is this gorgeous gaming chair that has everything you will need to spend hours at a time glued to your computer screen. While it might seem a little basic, don’t let its looks fool you. Its ergonomic design makes it easy on your back, while the adjustable armrests allow you to adjust the chair to your height more easily. The wheels and support are made from durable plastic rather than metal, which I quite like.

    My previous metal chair rusted over time, but there’s no chance of that happening with this bad boy.

    Key Features

    • 250lbs weight limit, but I’m sure it can hold a bit more.
    • Foam cushions.
    • 4D adjustable armrests: They can go up and down, side to side, front and back, and even rotate if you want them to.
    • Between 90° and 160° tilt, meaning you can sleep in this thing.
    • Comes in a variety of stylish colors if you care about that jazz
    • Comes with a removable head and back pillow for additional support if needed

    Check it out on the Amazon store.

    Hbada Gaming Chair With Footrest

    While it may not be at the top, this Hbada gaming chair deserves the second spot on my top 10 list. It’s got more or less everything you need, but I think it’s just a bit lower quality than the top pick. That still puts it in second place, mind you, so it’s a far cry from cheap material. It comes with height-adjustable armrests only, but it has a footrest to keep you on your toes. Claimed to fit people between 5’2 and 6’ best, so keep that in mind before ordering one. Overall, I’d like a bit more adjustment options, but it should work well for most people.

    Key Features

    • 300lbs weight limit, one of the highest I’ve seen on a gaming chair, so suitable for those of you that don’t like to exercise.
    • Up to 155° tilt.
    • Synthetic leather finish.
    • Slightly adjustable armrests: up to 3 inches up and down.
    • Removable back and head pillows.

    Check this cool chair out on the Amazon store.

    HOUHAUS Ergo 3D

    For my third pick, let’s go with something different. This is a mesh chair, so the main reason I’m showing it to you as No. 3 is because of the breathability. If you get sweaty easily, this chair can prevent most of that better than synthetic leather ever could. The mesh is quite soft, so you’ll also be comfortable while gaming. The back has a specially designed lower back ergonomic thingy to support a proper sitting position.

    The one thing that I don’t like is the aluminum base, but I’m willing to let it go and give this a high spot because it’s that good.

    Key Features

    • 275lbs weight limit, which is more than admirable.
    • Breathable mesh material.
    • 4D armrest
    • Adjustable headrest.
    • 5-year warranty, if that’s something you care about.
    • Slightly lower tilt options, up to only 135°.

    Pick it up from Amazon.

    Flash Furniture X40

    This chair has a more straightforward armrest design, but everything else is top-notch. It has great ergonomics, an excellent price point, and a slide-out footrest to sweeten the deal. The wheels are slightly odd on this one but should work well on all surfaces.

    As far as comfort is concerned, you can’t go wrong with this one either, and you get the obligatory back cushion that can even plug in via USB cable for a decent massage. Overall, another solid pick.

    Key Features

    • Faux (meaning fake) leather finish.
    • 280lbs weight limit.
    • Slide-out footrest.
    • Lower back cushion that can vibrate when plugged in (3 ft. USB cable provided).
    • Armrests can recline with the chair due to segmented design.

    Did you know that Amazon can deliver this to your door in only a few days? Check it out and see for yourself.

    OFM ESS Gaming

    This chair looks like something you’re more likely to see in an office rather than at a streamer’s house. However, I’m looking for ergonomics, not aesthetics. If you’re willing to give a pass to the slightly bland look, this is a terrific choice.

    The main draw is durability and leather finish, making this one of the best options if you prefer to stick to one chair for a long time.

    Key Features

    • 275lbs weight limit.
    • Leather finish, which is one of the best features of this chair by far.
    • Flip-up armrests, so they don’t have to be in the way.
    • Built-in headrest suitable for most heights.

    Here’s a handy purchase link.

    NOUHAUS ErgoFlip

    If you want mesh comfort at a slightly lower price point, NOUHAUS has you covered. While this chair is very similar to my 3rd pick, I’ve decided to include a cheaper option that doesn’t have as many bells and whistles in case you’re cash-strapped.

    It still has an adjustable headrest, so you get something to play with.

    Key Features

    • 275lbs weight limit.
    • Breathable mesh material.
    • Aluminum base.
    • Tilt-up armrests
    • No specific lumbar support, although it’s quite comfy regardless.
    • Adjustable headrest.

    This budget-friendly mesh chair could be yours on the Amazon store.

    RESPAWN 200

    The RESPAWN 200 is a return to the classic look of gaming chairs you’ll usually see nowadays. It’s got the obligatory head pillow included and a wide array of tilt and height control we’re all used to by now.

    The leather seat is comfortable and cool, while the mesh backrest doesn’t have quite as much cushioning as other chairs, which is why I’ve put this one in 7th place. Overall, cool chair, but just not comfortable enough to crack the top five.

    Key Features

    • 275lbs weight limit, which should be plenty.
    • Leather + foam seat, mesh back that is slightly less comfortable.
    • Head pillow and integrated back support.
    • Armrests can adjust in height and depth.
    • Up to 130° reclining angle.
    • Somehow, lifetime warranty.

    Check this piece of comfortable gaming equipment out on the big store.

    BestOffice Gaming Chair

    I’m going to be honest, I’m slightly bothered by the fact this one doesn’t have a catchy name. It’s a budget chair, sure, but they could’ve at least had some naming creativity.

    Ugh, never mind. Anyway, this is your budget-friendly option if you want to spend as little as possible on a chair that has decent ergonomics. The bells and whistles amount to pretty much nil, but you do get pillows!

    Key Features

    • 250lbs weight limit, the worst of the bunch.
    • Faux leather finish, decent quality but not the best.
    • Head and back pillows for some semblance of increased ergonomics.
    • Armrests that exist, I guess.
    • Does have a height adjust (all the other chairs have this, too, but I had to mention it here to not make it seem utterly devoid of options).

    The price is right for this gaming chair, so don’t miss out, and check out my handy Amazon link.

    RESPAWN 900

    I’m reserving my last two spots for something different. While I usually cater to PC gamers, some of you aren’t that (good). This chair is designed for a console gamer while doubling as a weird sofa. At least I don’t think people will complain as much if you give them this instead of an actual sofa.

    It’s high-quality and the build rivals that of the top gaming chair on the list. But since it’s meant for a different demographic, it gets 9th place.

    Honestly, this is really my favorite option if I had the space for it…

    Key Features

    • 275lbs weight limit, don’t let your fat aunt sit on this one.
    • Leather finish that is breathable and comfy.
    • Has an extendable leg rest.
    • Comes with a drink holder! Seriously, this is amazing.
    • Has a pouch to store console controllers.
    • Recline adjustment up to 135°. Has a height adjust, but you’re not at a desk so does it matter?
    • No wheels on this one.

    If you want to buy the best console chair on the market, follow this link.

    X Rocker Pro H3

    This is a somewhat unique piece. Calling it a gaming chair is a bit of a stretch. It’s more of a seat. You don’t get a stand or any kind of wheels. It just plops on the ground and can rock back and forth a bit.

    However, it’s got some neat features, like a vibration motor to give you a massage. It also has speakers to give you that 3D feel when you’re rocking a console game. There’s also a control panel to connect a headset and controllers, and the chair itself is compatible with most consoles (gaming and movie ones) via Wi-Fi.

    Key Features

    • 275lbs weight limit.
    • No stand, so you have to essentially sit on the floor.
    • Flip-up armrests.
    • Can fold in for easier storage.
    • Wirelessly connects to consoles for audio controls.
    • Comes with 3D speakers and audio jacks for headphones.
    • Has a vibration motor for a massage.

    This chair could be yours by following my purchase link.

    Final Thoughts

    That’s it for this edition of my reviews. I’ve even covered console chairs for you freaks. I recommend going for the GT Omega PRO if you’re a PC gamer, but the Respawn 900 can be a decent piece of sitting furniture for movies and mobile gaming.

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