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World of Warcraft returns to 2007 with Burning Crusade Classic

Blizzard has adjusted the fights in raids a little more than in World of Warcraft Classic. Some bosses, like M’uru in the Sunwell, were nerfed multiple times. The technical issues, bugs, and limiting mechanics are being removed, but M’uru will retain a bigger health pool and feel a little more like his original incarnation that served as a brick wall for guilds back in the day. Class-specific abilities, like the Blood Elf Paladin seal, will be made available across factions at max level to keep things relatively balanced.

Burning Crusade also adds the Jewelcrafting profession and the Arena PvP system. Players will be able to queue for 2v2, 3v3, or 5v5 matches. The matchmaking system will also be updated and overhauled with Blizzard’s modern technology to provide quick matches.

Before Burning Crusade Classic launches, players will be able to make a choice with their current World of Warcraft classic characters. You can either advance your character to the Burning Crusade era, or hang back and continue to experience the original game on a Classic Era server. Players can clone their characters for a small fee, allowing them to keep a level 60 while also leveling that character through Outlands.

Blood Elves and Draenei will have to level to 60, but they’ll have a small headstart before the Dark Portal opens, and a slightly accelerated leveling curve. Players jumping into Classic content for the first time will be able to boost a character to 58, so everyone will have a shot at opening the Dark Portal as soon as it officially opens.

Both Burning Crusade Classic and World of Warcraft Classic will be available as part of a standard World of Warcraft subscription, which allows players to play the current game in its Shadowlands expansion.

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