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Ys 9: Monstrum Nox – How To Beat End-Game Bosses On Lunatic Difficulty

Right from the beginning of Ys 9: Monstrum Nox, you’re given the option to play on Lunatic Difficulty — the hardest difficulty in the game. It’s kind of a badge of honor for hardcore fans to 100% the game in a single playthrough, and it’s totally possible to pull off even if you’re aiming to earn all the trophies on PS4.

Even the best players are going to struggle against the end-game super bosses. These high level goliaths are absurdly powerful, and most players will grind levels for hours for a chance at beating them. Gaining levels is one method, or you can combine your skills for a perfectly cheesy method to fight bosses while practically invincible.

This strategy was shared by u/serendae 7 on Reddit — and it really works. It might not be entirely useful, but it’s a great way to skip some level grinding and fight those Level 99 bosses before you’re matching level.

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How To Make End-Game Super Bosses Much Easier To Beat

To make Lunatic Difficulty Level 90+ bosses a lot easier, you’ll want to equip gear and sacramentals to generate BOOST as much as possible.

  • Equipment:
    • Accessories that increase BOOST Gain when at low HP.
    • Accessories that lower SP Cost.
  • Sacramentals:
    • Equip Ares Seal & Einherjar Ring to lower EXTRA Skill Cost and incease BOOST Gain.
  • Items:
    • Bring BOOST Potions or cook meals to give +SP.

Once you’re ready, enter battle and use BOOST Potion immediately. Take about 50% damage, and then enter BOOST Mode. Go for your EXTRA immediately, then use skills to generate more BOOST. Focus on skills like Vermillion Scythe and other high SP skills — these will generate more BOOST, slow time and give you invincibility frames.

Basically, you want to keep spamming BOOST. At 50% or lower HP, hit BOOST, use your EXTRA, and then use a skill to recharge enough to BOOST again. You’ll basically be able to keep it going indefinitely and stunlock the boss. Most of the time you’ll have invincibility frames, and the boss will be slowed, unable to act very much at all.

It’s an easy way to fight bosses if you’re 20~ levels lower than them. Give it a try on the harder difficulties if you’re struggling — or just do it on Normal to crush some of the toughest challenges in the game.


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